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Ok people, I've lacked off in my drawing and such, but I plan to work again, and to kick it off here is the latest thing I've drawn - "Daisuke and Riku's Moment" I am probably going to add in a background at some point in the future, however this is what it is now.

As I've said ideas for things to draw would be much appreciated either on this news post or in a message sent to my inbox. Please keep them under the nudity limit as I don't enjoy drawing such crude things. However any request is acceptable. This is just for practice so please help along. :D

The image is a little crude due to a very sub-quality printer scanner so please forgive it :)


I'm looking for ideas for things to draw :D

Hey people

2009-12-04 12:46:22 by maxrox

Yo people of Newgrounds, if you like to animate and create games and stuff, don't listen to people about that stuff being mainstream and the oh so famous - 'stop doing mainstream they suck/get more creativity stop mainstreaming!" comments!

The ability to make games and videos, and hell even songs is UP TO YOU! don`t let a crowd tell you how to animate stuff, if you WANT to make a mainstream video.... make one... to hell with the people who don`t like it...

From your mainstream and non-mainstream loving...

Ren :)

Hey people

Navyfeild, its a WW2 navy battle simulator, its a very fun game and people are always welcome to join it :)

Its free so all you have to do is download it and play, there are VERY annoying parts to it, but than again what game doesn't :P

If you want to try it out, but also want tips as to what to play as,(It will depend on your personality and play type), just ask me for help, or post what you thought of the game, all reviews are welcome, but offensive reviews will be reported and deleted, please show respect and have fun with what ever your doing :)

Hey check out my art :D

2009-06-27 21:29:30 by maxrox

Yo people check out my art(its not yet all there, I still ahve to put about 4 more of my newer pictures there, but hey I'll comment and tell ya guys its all there when I get around to uploading them) ;) Please do rate them and have a plesent time going on the "new and imroved" Newgrounds.... That offer of making a stand to get the proper way of voting and submitting is still being offered(read the 2nd part part of my last post for the details) and I hope several people will follow the right choice!

Hey check out my art :D


2009-06-07 14:57:07 by maxrox

Idk what the fuck was wrong with me 3 years ago, but it seemed pretty fucked up, so just ignore those posts b4 this :)

I've calmed down alot, and settled my life, people instead of being those jerks who rate based on what they saw, and not taking in consideration for the effort, who might enjoy this, and rate purely for what it based on, should be taken out of Newgrounds for life, I instead am trying to promote the good old days of when I first joined, when people gave proper reviews, artists made their own material, and noone ripped of of eachother, if you support me in this please do comment and together we can take this to NG's and help illiminate all the crap thats being presented on the "new and improved" NG's which is being downcasted due to people who have no clue as to making a review/video/game, people I know I also have made several bad reviews without explaining, or "offensive" reviews due to a joke presented in the clip, and I've even had good reviews deleted because people don't like what I've said either due to the message I'm presenting or even because of I'm saying something is good, offering tips, and trying to promote better artists, and the general publics decides "this guys not good now, so he'll never be good"

To those I've sent bad reviews to(mostly this occured during a 1 year period where I was the worst) I please ask you to delete and/or ignore them, I sinserly apologize and I hope you grow up(most my bad reviews went to offensive videos)

Yours truely, the new and improved,



GRRRRRR fist im sad cause noone wants to hang with me, than after a while they ahng with me once and im rly happy for about day and a half.... but than i get all sad again cause there not hanging with me anymore >.< GAAAAAH!!!! *gives up and cries in a corner*

happy sad happy sad happy sad DAMNIT EMOTIONS MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!


2008-06-19 14:05:28 by maxrox

dont think im emo again cuz im not but im seriously sad right now.... cant get a girlfriend for my life...... im told im not ugly than they say i dont got the right looks.... im so lost on what to change.... plz help me sumone i know!!!! T.T


i aint happy i aint sad.... im nuetral.... i guess......

meh Emo time is over!!!

2008-04-04 23:41:47 by maxrox

I am no longer emo LET THE EMO JOKES FLY!!!!!!!!! :P well i have got to thank theone friend who made me feel great! thx Danielle!!!!!!! sadely now i gotta help you with your trouble ONWARD!!!!!!!!!

meh Emo time is over!!!

dying sux....

2008-01-26 16:09:16 by maxrox

ive nearly died twice... once from a car accident which broke my leg and arm.... and the other from getting hit by a car.... i was in a como for a week b4 i came 2.... i cant even remember half of my life... so people that call others "emo" better think about it..... there are time when you are sad what do u call that... sadness.... to others what do you think they see? anyway i just commented a video that has the full story to why i put this.... its boulevard of broken songs. its a collab that shows how some people feel... i like it and my story is there