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I'm looking for ideas for things to draw :D

2010-07-10 22:11:17 by maxrox

Ok people, I've lacked off in my drawing and such, but I plan to work again, and to kick it off here is the latest thing I've drawn - "Daisuke and Riku's Moment" I am probably going to add in a background at some point in the future, however this is what it is now.

As I've said ideas for things to draw would be much appreciated either on this news post or in a message sent to my inbox. Please keep them under the nudity limit as I don't enjoy drawing such crude things. However any request is acceptable. This is just for practice so please help along. :D

The image is a little crude due to a very sub-quality printer scanner so please forgive it :)


I'm looking for ideas for things to draw :D


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