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Kill Justin Beaver Kill Justin Beaver

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


This game is a celebrity assassination game! It is meant to take a shot at him! Just because you feel he doesn't deserve it for making the same message in every song about how he wants a girl when he can get one when EVER he feels like doesn't mean anything! These kinds of game poke fun at people who are hot at this current time, go look for other games like this on different people, I assure you they're all made when that person was big. So everyone can stfu and grow up.

The game was little repetitive... if you wanted to make it better you could go search up other games similar to this.

Harry Stick Journey Harry Stick Journey

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Isn't deserving of front page....

For reasons stated by previous commenters this game is just too boring to ever be front paged... I'm sorry but making items have different options with each new stage is ridiculous, and the appeal of watching a crudely drawn stickman die over and over in the way presented is not an interest grabber... please rethink this game, and make it into a singular stickman killing game, or click and point adventure with decent+ artwork. This just isn't good enough...

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Newgrounds Desktop Radio Newgrounds Desktop Radio

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You sir


I absolutely adore you for this, and I see a great future for you :)

PoderOdunk responds:

I hope your fortune telling skills are as good as your flattery skills.

Robotic Emergence Robotic Emergence

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good Idea but

I wont give you the automatic 10 that NG "reviewers" seem to LOVE giving...

The idea of this game is very well though out
Unique units and strategies
The money system worked well with the costs
A very good intro story
(This one is a pro but people seem to skip the story and think its bad) - The rain is very high - it rains a lot because the story told us that the governments put shit in the air to kill them, thus causing more clouds - therefore more rain

Only 5 maps to choose from
Lack of difficulty
Paths were set(The idea of a directional opening was ok but the fact that we couldn't place paths to save us space got VERY annoying)
AI intelligence seemed to vary - Level 3 and 4 seemed to have smarter AI then the last level

Several ways to fix the AI blow over on the endless level would be to:
1. Change map sizes on every map - the AI loves to place low level units in mass, THEN build itself some heavy hitters, but the pathing system steals up too much space and the AI can't even fit a single tank (3 times endless level no tank yet)
2. Rework the AI to each map forcing it to build a better unit based on the change in cash and field.

Lower the lightnings damage to instant kill only smaller things, or at least lower the amount/accuracy of strikes.

Change map sizes, or make building sizes vary in each map to give us an illusion of epic battles in some places and small melees in others, as well as making it possible to have a AI give you a challenge once your bigger stuff outpowers them completely (since the AI never seems to sell anything) by giving them the room to place powerful stuff to fight our stuff.

Overall it was a GOOD game, with improvement it can be an epic game :)

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Curse Village Reawakening Curse Village Reawakening

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It was 9 stars but....
You lose two stars for pissing me off, but this game is very well done in terms of what it SHOULD have been...
Major issue is that other than the knife for the first... what two levels? the melee weapons become pointless because they just cant dish out the damage they should deal...(IDK about but taking a Katana to the head, or an axe, but it shouldn't require more than one swing)

Major issue is that the game enjoyed slowing down even on the lowest quality(which is very confusing to find because u have to look at the website names to figure it out) whenever a group of zombies showed up,(and believe me its not anything on my end).
Another quality glitch is that when you switch it to 3(lowest) it appears that the wire fence gains an additional 5000hp.

The biggest piss of that made you lose star 9 and 8 was that on wave 14, I got glitched, one zombie that made it to the first barrier turned invincible till I ran out of ammo and axed the thing(which still took about 20 swings) and another zombie glitched right behind her(not at fence) and stopped walking and also became immune to bullets(but 1 axe swing seemed to get this guy), but after they were gone no zombies were left on the screen but the level would not end.

Other problems include previously stated things, damage is really messed up, ammo on the chaingun for some reason is LESS than the assault rifle?, melee weapons stink, survivors are only there to distract the zombies for half a second, ect. ect. classic problems, please make this the game it could be and send me a message telling me when you've finished :)


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Newgrounds Rumble Newgrounds Rumble

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs work...

This game is fun... at the start, but I have to say "sissy" is the only way to beat the transforming dudes story... I sat for half an hour on "normal" but I'd get raped every damn time on the last level, more over because two of the three would pin u with attacks than the third would go take all the items, I came close once - ONCE when they team-killed eachother most the game.... but the gameplay loses it point once you unlock Piconjo and the other guy, and beat them in story, I say make the controls WAY more responsive(sometimes I just gave up when it was 2 or 3v1 because I'd get stuck there and couldn't even jump cause the 2/3 attackers worked to pin me so I couldn't even jump...)

In terms of playability... Salad Fingers is pointless... Even on "Normal" its way to aqueward(forgive my spelling) to play him, hes just way to weak forcing you to jump around all the time and almost always die(I managed to beat him without dying but thats because I got lucky and HP regen and HP popped up, but I'd be low HP all the time)

Hank and Tankman were the only two characters I enjoyed to play, because they were balanced overall, Hank didn't have stunning perry, but because hes got such nice attacks it didn't matter, Tankman is more difficult to play, he required you to jump around using "S" attack in mixture with "D" attack, aswell as croutching "S" attack.

Overall it was a fun game... the characters need to be balanced though, not in terms of strengths and weaknesses, but their attacks, some were WAY to slow, I'll go back to hank for example, he was slow but the way he attacked and his range which was a bit farther than most characters made up for it, Nene, and Pico I found were really slow, but they required you to be RIGHT beside the enemy to attack, once in a combo Pico I found was very easily stopped even by normal attacks, and Nene always seemed to push the enemy away faster than she could get a blow in to finish the combo.... please rework the attacks to better suit the game, because thats the only thing I disliked about this game...

The Arrow Of Time The Arrow Of Time

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

aight GG

that was kool, BTW for medals its not aht hard, only 4th one is rly gay, beating the games easy, getting all the ups is time consuming but easy.... and now the problem medals everyones complaining about - for the "Fight In The Shade" medal(20 arrows) get lvl 3 peirce and lvl 3 homing, go to last battle(not boss one future lvl 3) and just keep firing in the guys general direction... for the "Time Hunter" medal(dinos) get time arrows lvl 3 and explosive arrows lvl 3, go to first age lvl 3, time arrow will turn them into dinos and explosives usually 1 shot them(sometimes bomber dino balloon dino and rocket dino survive first hit) for the "Quickdraw" medal I got it by doing the lvl 3 homing and lvl 3 peicing again, its a pain to get cuz its usually very close to 20 seconds when he blows up, took me several trys, good game and hope u guys like my hints(PLZ DO PASS THIS IN YOUR NOTES SO THAT OTHERS MAY NOT MISS THESE HINTS BECAUSE OF COMMENTS PUSHING THIS COMMENT TO THE VERY BACK I GIVE PERMISSION TO TAKE MY HINTS, BUT PLZ GIVE ME CREDIT)

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Zombie War Zombie War

Rated 3 / 5 stars


NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! make a game where u gotta buy the same crap over and over..... ive noticed some people saying that its to hard? i found it waaaaaaaaaaay to ez....(strategy - upgrade att speed,buy a 2nd grenader,for lvls where machine gun is pointless[1-4or 5 i cant remember] get the body armour or buy a 2nd MGer...which is actually a rifleman with a tiny ass rifle..... but either will surfice as long as u get em both in the end, and for the lvls that u can get machine gun and still kill things just get the 2nd grenader,(all but last lvl which u can skip armour and just race MG, than artillery*NOTE B4 ART FINISHES UPPING SPAM MG BULLETS THEY EXPLODE WHEN UP IS COMPLETE) and than get MG than get the wall, BTW for grens to work with wall u have to place them ON the wall, they still fire but cant get hurt)

Ok again i found it seriously easy, and i got seriously pissed off with the constant rebuying, but seriously reduce the cost of sum of the crap if they arnt that important to a good strat, or cuz unless u wait till last 3 lvls u cant rly get them effectivly.... Eng should be given a shit weapon atleast to provide sum support(in real life engineers are given SMG's to automatic-rifles) but mines i foud to be unneeded, well with my strat, as well as stone wall wire fence, and the increase soldier times seriously unneeded.... in the time it takes for the drop without it as long as u support ur guys(which u should do ENTIRE time) its fast enough to become a quick asset to the battlefied..... anyway, either make multi-ups for every weapons/upgrade so they can cross over lvls, or think about redesigning the entire game to be more cash balanced... ty for your time and good-day :P

FlashGamesMaker responds:

just changed it so you keep what you buy from level to level.

Battle Gear Battle Gear

Rated 4 / 5 stars

u lose 2 cuz im pissed off at it....

im rly rly RLLLLY pissed off at air battles....... im on the first campain lvl 43...... and everything is so i got over 100k extra exp and idk how much cash its so high but I CANT WIN! its way to unbalanced and depends way to much on luck..... the AI gets free kills for NOTHING! my guys are taking on 2+ of every one of theres but im still sumhow losing guys..... and no nothing is rly getting passed, well in the top lane which is rly rigged they are, but not enough for me to be losing by 10+ infact not even get by for me to be losing at all...... and when i finally get a unit to get up top lane there are usually 3+ planes to fight all rly high lvled, in the end if not all of them are gone most of them are BUT I STILL SUMHOW LOSE MORE THERE 1 PLANE TAKES OUT 3+ IN THAT LANE AND I WATCHED THE LIVES I LOST 13 LIVES WHILE THEY LOST THE 7! FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!

ahem... one solution to it is to actually put a building timer for the AI...... cuz ive seen 3 bomber jets come out at the same time -.- a main problem is te fact to many high lvl units get into highest lane in little to no time.... meanwhile u cant seem to get many planes up there at all...... and while i remember the unit cap is being screwy in alot of the battles..... i have maybe 7 units but the thing is telling me i cant have any more..... fix it

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Red Code Red Code

Rated 4 / 5 stars

fun while it lasted

i must say its a wonderful defence game, but after u get the giant slug things its way to repedative....... i only lost at lvl 21 cuz i let them come to my ship b4 i even shot a single bullet..... my mistake as i realized to late, but o well, my recomendation for improvments are WAAAAAY more weapons, and maybe 5-10 new creatures..... i do hope to see a 2nd of this game, or something close to it... with the improvments i requested plz :D